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 Reiki has aided in healing issues of stress , anxiety, and virtually every known illness and injury including cancer and other diseases. Reiki session can be used as a palliative care technique in hospice situations. Read more

How Reiki Can Help You

Lori Reiki Windsor

 Reiki releases blocked "ki" (energy) that keeps the body in stress and poor health, and then energetically nourishes these areas. Read more.  We are located in Windsor near Santa Rosa California



 Lori offered me a session to see how it worked for me, knowing her socially, and what a dear heart she is,I thought why not? To explain, I have had MS for 21 years, and am using a walker primarily-  Read more

Your Session

One hour Session $80.00

We will begin by  spending a couple minutes checking in and discussing  the intent for your session. 

My studio is quiet and private.  I've created a safe place for your  relaxation and healing.

Session length depends on which you choose, either an hour or one and a half hours

I will ask you to wear comfortable clothes so that you can relax. You will remain fully clothed throughout your session.


One and a Half Hour $110.00

 In addition to the direct benefits from Reiki and the increased flow of energy through the body and each chakra, the use of Tibetan Singing or Healing bowls further amplifies the energy and assists in movement of the energy up and down the energy pathways clearing blockages and aiding the process. 

Singing bowls are tuned to a specific tone and frequency that resonates and with specific parts of the body and individual chakras. In my sessions I use a set of four bowls specific to the Crown, the Heart, Solar Plexus and the Root Chakras  


The Tibetan Singing Bowls can be incorporated at the end of your session to further clear out and amplify your energetic experience.


Reiki Certification Classes


I offer classes throughout the year, scheduling as each student contacts me.

First Degree Reiki Certification 

4-5-hour class discussing the history of Reiki, energetic pathways and protection for healing workers, hand positions, attunement process and more… Includes a student manual. $275.00

Second Degree Reiki Certification

4 - 5 hour class goes through each of the symbols in detail, methods for using and sending Reiki, hands on practice, starting your own practice and more...Includes a student manual $325.00

Level III Certification Reiki Master

 More coming soon...


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Complementary healing arts, such as Reiki, do not require licensing by the State of California

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