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Reiki is deeply relaxing. You may simply feel very relaxed or  feel a low vibration pulse of energy. Read more


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 if you would like to learn more and schedule a Session with me or find out about classes  Read more.  We are located in Windsor near Santa Rosa California



  "I was deeply relaxed in my session but when Lori began using the healing bowls towards the end my entire body began vibrating and awakening. It was amazing" Read more

Reiki Helps On All Levels

Reiki has aided in healing issues of stress and anxiety and virtually every known illness and injury including cancer and other diseases. Reiki is often used as a palliative care in hospice situations to ease pain.

When I use the term "healing", I do not mean this in the traditional doctor patient situation where a diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed; but rather, an alternative modality such as Reiki is added as an alternative treatment to bring about change to the physical or emotional situation when standard medicine is not enough.

The words Rei and Ki means "Life Force energy". This energy moves within and around us at all times and works with your energy centers (Chakras) to ground, balance, protect, and restore.

I have observed that the use of Tibetan Singing or Healing bowls further amplifies the energy and assists in movement of the energy up and down the energy pathways clearing blockages and aiding the healing process.  Singing bowls are tuned to a specific tone and frequency. These tones resonate and vibrate with specific parts of the body and individual chakras. 

I often use a set of four healing bowls in my sessions. Just ask if you would like them incorporated into your session.


Distant Reiki for Animals and People


Distant Reiki for people and animals is a way of sending Reiki energy pulses over a distance to help a body relax and rebalance in the same way hands on Reiki works.   There are times when hands on is not suitable for some clients experiencing fear, anxiety or with animals that need emotional or physical healing where a physical connection is not possible.

 Distance is not an obstacle for Reiki. The practitioner acts as a conduit and focuses the healing energy to the person or animal it is being sent to and it flows through the energy channels that exist naturally.   For these type sessions I recommend a one hour unit  broken into several sessions. I am happy to consult with you to determine what is best for your situation

 " Recently my dog injured her paw and was in great pain. From a distance Lori helped calm her and she seemed to release her pain. I am amazed at how quickly she has recovered; a happy playful dog!

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Complimentary healing arts, such as Reiki, do not require licensing by the State of California

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