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Reiki is deeply relaxing. You may simply feel very relaxed or  feel a low vibration pulse of energy. Read more

How Reiki Can Help You

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  "I was deeply relaxed in my sessio but when Lori began using the healing bowls towards the end my entire body began vibrating and awakening. It was amazing" Read more

What is Reiki?

 I am here to support you.  I believe in a  client centered approach for your best results. My style is genuine caring and warm to create a safe atmosphere for us to work in.

Often my clients say, " I am just not feeling like myself lately". Reiki can help us regroup and find that balance again.   

Pain and discomfort, are not a natural result of life and aging, they are the ways our bodies let us know that some aspect of our life is out of alignment or balance.

Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal or source energy that supports each body’s innate healing abilities. Accessing this energy allowing it to flow into and throughout the body can facilitate healing. Reiki releases blocked "ki" (energy) that keeps the body in stress and poor health, and then energetically nourishes these areas.

These less-than traditional healing modalities are now available as a way to integrate natural healing with western medicine. Many of these are ancient healing arts being re-discovered.


Reiki can Help


Reiki has aided in healing issues of stress and anxiety and virtually every known illness and injury including cancer and other diseases. Reiki is often used as a palliative care in hopice situations to ease pain.

When I use the term "healing", I do not mean this in the traditional doctor patient situation where a diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed; but rather, an alternative modality such as Reiki is added as an alternative treatment to bring about change to the physical or emotional situation when standard medicine is not enough.

"Life Force energy." This energy works in and around your energy centers to ground, balance, protect, and restore.

I have observed that the use of Tibetan Singing or Healing bowls further amplifies the energy and assists in movement of the energy up and down the energy pathways clearing blockages and aiding the healing process.

 Singing bowls are tuned to a specific tone and frequency. These tones resonate and vibrate with specific parts of the body and individual chakras


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Complementary healing arts, such as Reiki, do not require licensing by the State of California

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